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Game is so good I want to cry


Great game!

Interesting story. Im really enjoying it so far. I thought it was a bit slow at first, with long breaks during the tasks (so I couldnt just "binge play" it), but once I died and had to start again, fast mode was enabled and allowed me to skip long waiting times. Now, thats better. Somehow, I think the game couldve improved by syncing the "missions" with my iPad clock... It would make sense to put the astronaut to sleep when Im sleeping - and not at 2 pm. Oh, well, I guess there arent any time zones where he is stranded, are there? This can (will?) be fixed if the day there lasts less than 24 hours. I guess we shall see as I progress with the story. Well done!


I think you should improve the app to support more languages. Its so tiring to translate every single phrase that Taylor writes.


Like the adventure books of yesteryear, this is an enthralling and engrossing adventure. Except for the long breaks while the little astronaut is venturing in the bleak scenario of an alien moon, you cant put the story down. Highly recommended for those who enjoy epic adventures in their pocket.

Could have a translation into Portuguese

The game is great, it has a great development an a awesome story, but to be perfect could have a translation into Portuguese


Very good, but, please translate to portuguese too


I really like this game!! Did not finish yet, but so far is really entertaining! It demands some kinds of knowledge and it makes you think a lot about your choices of action for the character!! Taylor is so funny xD

In love

The idea is great and the game is awesome!

Best iPhone game

But not one like youd be probably expecting!

Pretty Darn Good

Ok, I dont HATE this game, dont get me wrong. There are lots of different paths to take, and Taylor is AWESOME. But I find after playing through it once it gets kind of boring. This is just my opinion and I still TOTALLY recommend you get it. The real-time events are also pretty cool :3

Very good!

Very creepy enviroment, feels like it puts you in a IEVA suit to

Really loving it so far

Transitions are really well done, the music really fits the atmosphere, and the story is very intriguing! Ill definitely see this game through to the end! Totally worth the money

Great game

Very interesting story all the way through, but at the end you dont feel like going through again

Reallllllyyyyy good



I love soooo much this game! Buy it it realy worth the price.

Worth the money!

I loved the game, especially as a time passer, but I recommend you make more paths and choices.


The story line was very well written. I enjoyed it a lot

That feeling where your a kid again

Simply put it is a great experience. Cant wait to try the third. Heard the second was no good.


Lol got this game when it was free


Taylor died in it it was funny as hell

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